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ZapperStore.com is a one-stop shop for Hulda Clark Zappers. We have all types, sizes, and prices, ranging from $84 to over $349. The Zapper has been around since the mid 90's when Dr. Clark and her son, Geoff Clark, invented it as an inexpensive and easy way to eliminate parasites and boost health.

ZapperStore.com is a sister-site for YourHealthByDesign.com. All orders, warranties, shipping, customer service, etc. are handled by YourHealthByDesign.com. The owners have been selling zappers and many other products on the internet world-wide for a number of years and have lots of experience at it. This site was developed as an educational site to offer basic info about Zappers to those interested and willing to invest a small amount of time.

The focus of this site is to acquant you with the more common aspects of Zappers. For a full list of all the models available, including pricing info, make sure you check out our online catalog by clicking here.

For additional info about Zappers check out our Online KnowledgeBase.

Many people confuse the Clark Zapper with the Bob Beck Pulser. There are significant differences in the two products. Click here to read an article on the differences between the Zapper, the Silver Pulser, and the Magnetic Pulser.

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    Although Zappers are not illegal they are definitely on the FTC and FDA hit-list due to the numerous websites promoting them as cures for everything known to mankind (and womankind). Our goal is to educate you, not sell you with hype. Our personal opinion is that Zappers are wonderful devices, but they do not cure everything for everyone all the time. Of course, nothing does, not even the "miracle" drugs offered to us on television daily, with their long list of side-effects and smiling, beautiful actors trying to convince us that by simply asking our doctor we can be healthy by early next week. As a matter-of-fact, Zappers really don't cure anything at all - your body does all the healing, as nature intended, without dangerous side-effects.

    What exactly do I mean by saying Zappers don't cure anything? Their purpose is to help you eliminate parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold, etc. and boost your immune system and the activity of your white blood cells. They can't get all of the biological "junk", and they won't do it overnight or after just a few sessions. But the latest medical research is continuing to validate the idea (very much common sense, in our opinion) that most major diseases, including the chronic and degenerative types, are caused by an overload of toxins in the body, including chemical toxins as well as biological and parasitical toxins.

    Zappers don't cure, they help remove or eliminate some of the things that can cause, or at the very least contribute to, disease and bad health. Nature does the healing. The ability to heal is a gift we were all given at birth, we simply have to allow it a chance to work by cleansing our bodies as much as possible to get rid of the junk we come into contact with every single day of our lives.

    If you are looking for testimonials and articles on what others have experienced with the Zapper, you won't find them here because of legal restrictions. If you are look for specific diseases the Zapper will cure, re-read the paragraphs above.

    Items Of Interest

    • The Zapper C3i has been discontinued by the manufacturer and replaced by an upgraded version now called the Z4eX Extreme 3 Frequency Zapper. It has the same fantastic quality, small size, and low price. The only difference is the addition of two extra frequencies of 2.5KHz and 15Hz.

    • The latest version of the Auto-Zap 5, the World's Fastest Zapper,  is now available and shipping.The Auto-Zap 5 has a unique feature that is not available with any other zapper: only 5 minutes of zapping is equal to an hour with a regular zapper with no loss in effectiveness. It also comes with an unbelievable 5 year manufacturer's warranty. 

    • We also have the Auto-Zap 5 Wellness System, a combination of the Auto-Zap 5 Zapper and a SuperZappicator. If you want the latest technology, this is it!

    • The Terminator   is a totally unique zapper with no handholds or wrist straps. It's small size and design enable you to wear it for extended times, even 24/7. It's also the best-selling zapper available and has been for a number of years!

    • The SuperZappicator is the STRONGEST zappicator available - nothing else comes close! For more info click here.

    • SuperStraps are the BEST wrist bands made for zappers. They are more comfortable and much less likely to produce skin irritation than normal straps.

    • We carry ALL of Dr. Clark's books and they are ALWAYS a minimum of 20% OFF. Click Here for more details.

    Our Zappers are for researchers only. The units and literature have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration in the U.S. These products are not intended to cure or treat any disease. Government health departments and medical associations state that you must consult a medical doctor for treatment of all diseases. Individual results may vary.