The Don Croft Terminator Zapper

Don Croft has been building zappers for a number of years.  The Terminator 2 has been around since about the year 2000. By many estimates the Terminator is the best-selling zapper on the market and has been our best-selling product since we first introduced it to our customers way back in early 2002.

The only model Don Croft makes is the Terminator 2, so there is not a Terminator 1 or 3, etc. Every Terminator 2 zapper we sell comes straight from Don Croft and is guaranteed to be the real thing.

There have been reports over the years of "look-alike" or copycat products on the market, so always ask before you buy a Terminator if it is made specifically by Don Croft.  If it isn't, it's not the same zapper and probably won't give the same results.

The Terminator 2 is the zapper to get if you want the most convenient, easy-to-use zapper possible. It was designed to be worn for hours at a time without discomfort, and many people who use one feel it is more effective than most zappers.  Generally, zapping for hours on end can be tiring, for a variety of reasons.  The Terminator actually has a calming effect on many people.  After you wear it a bit you simply feel a bit of calmness around you - nothing major or life changing, just a nice subtle feeling that enables you to wear the Terminator far longer than any other zapper on the market.

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